Monday, July 10, 2017

Young Catholic Adults Douai Abbey Weekend 2017 - The Guesthouse Accomodation, What to Expect!

Monastery Guesthouse

St Benedict did not envisage his monasteries as existing primarily for the purpose of receiving passing guests. In fact, he saw them as sanctuaries for those who wished permanently to put aside the distractions of the world and seek Christ alone. Yet St Benedict recognised the attraction monasteries held for those still in the world, and resigned himself with goodwill to making provision for guests, since “monasteries are never without them”. (Rule of St Benedict, 53:16)

History has proved him right. By their very nature monasteries played a vital role in providing safe and comfortable shelter in times when travel was time-consuming, arduous and often dangerous. The weary pilgrim, far from home, would instinctively look for shelter in the house of God. Today, life itself has become a wearying pilgrimage for many. For them a monastery offers respite from the fast-paced, stressful and often unbalanced lives they lead. Others seek to join the monks in the space they make for God to be worshipped and experienced, a space much harder now to find in the world.

The Guesthouse at Douai Abbey offers several different types of room. There are fifteen fully-ensuite rooms, four of which have been fitted to accommodate disabled guests to modern standards. All rooms can take single guests, but some can also be shared. Another seven rooms semi-ensuite (shower and sink only).

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